Lightening the Forehand

reinsMost horses to one degree or another tend to lean on their forehands.

In this Clinic I explain why it is bad for a horse to be on the forehand and will give you the riding tools to change your horse’s balance and lighten its forehand.

Who is it for?

This Clinic is a must for anyone from a happy hacker to a serious competition rider. What we expect from the horse is that we want him to balance both us and himself and to move gracefully. That is a big ask from a biomechanical viewpoint!

What will you learn?

This clinic will give you an understanding of the biomechanics of horse movement. There will also be a section on Equine Exercise Physiology which will help you to understand injury prevention.

There is no doubt that how we ride our horses, the tack we use on them and the manner in which the horses carry themselves has a cumulative effect on their well-being over time.
Whether that effect is positive or negative is up to us!

You will learn:

  • How to ride Transitions well
  • Transitions within the pace
  • Half Halts
  • Rein Back
  • Leg Yielding and
  • Quarter Turn on the Forehand.

You will develop your understanding of Equine Exercise Physiology and how the structures in your horse’s body respond to exercise and training.

You will learn about the Bow and String theory of the equine back and how your horse’s back moves which will help you to understand how it can take more weight on its haunches.

Handouts are provided with useful diagrams and ridden exercises.