About the clinics

TeachingOften when teaching I found that I had to explain the theory of riding in detail and riders often found it hard to take in all the information while concentrating on riding.

But pupils seemed very interested in the science behind what I was teaching, so, based on feedback, I developed a set of clinics:

  1. The Classical Seat, Position and Aids
  2. Lightening the Forehand
  3. From Straight to Lateral Work
  4. Achieving Showing Success
  5. Dressage Success Practice Days
  6. Understanding Equine Behaviour

How it works

My Clinics are suitable for groups of 6 or more.

I offer Clinics on riders’ own yards as well as hiring venues to host the Clinics. The lecture-only parts are suitable for Riding Clubs or groups of interested riders in a home or indeed any setting.

The clinics run in two parts: An un-mounted section usually a 50 minute lecture with a handout which contains useful information, followed by a discussion or question and answer session with coffee and cakes or healthy snacks and refreshments. After this the second lecture.

After a break, the mounted section, which consists of private or semi-private lessons where I’ll help you apply your new knowledge on your horse.


Costs are from £40 per person for the two-part clinic and from £25 for the un-mounted session only. The cost is affected by arena hire and my travelling expenses.