Val Main, classical riding instructorIā€™m Val Main, a freelance Instructor who specialises in Classical Riding and instruction for riders of all abilities.

Classical Riding is for everyone. It’s not just for skilled riders or people with fancy saddles and fancy horses. The ultimate aim is to train your horse or pony to respond by only giving a few aids. To quote Nuno Olivera ā€œThe secret in riding is to do only a few things but to do them right.ā€

Val offers a friendly, relaxed approach which instantly puts you at ease, allowing you to make the most of your lesson. She gives clear, easy to understand instructions, while addressing any issues you may have.

Amy Harkins, Broxburn

Val’s calm and knowledgeable approach has paid dividends in our flat work. I have been impressed with the improvements in how the subtleties of Val’s teaching and small changes in my posture and aids have made communication with Goldie so much clearer and effective.

Amanda Stears, Edinburgh